Redefining "Universal"

The Scott Safety Meridian Universal Gas Detector has addressed your biggest concerns delivering reliability, cost efficiencies and a future-proof approach that ensures value for many years to come. And its third party global certifications and regulatory approvals guarantee that the Meridian can be deployed anywhere.

Your Most Valuable Assets

The Meridian Universal Gas Detector, with its best-in-class sensor performance, meets the most rigorous standards for reliability ensuring the safest possible environment for your employees. Peace of mind is enhanced by the knowledge that you've also protected your facility and reduced downtime - key concerns for all stakeholders.

Total Cost of Ownership

Only Scott Safety is offering a Truly Universal approach to gas detection. The Meridian leverages a modular, plug-and-play design with smart technology that further reduces maintenance related costs and downtime. A single Meridian Gas Detector detects more than 50 toxic and combustible gasses. This means you need only a single detector head for all applications.

  • Reduced inventory costs through acceptance of up to 3 sensors simultaneously.
  • Reduced training costs from the simplicity of its plug-and-play design
  • Simplified installation with reduced risk of installer error
  • Reduced maintenance time and cost associated with sensor calibration
  • Minimized downtime as there is no need to power down or declassify an area during sensor replacement.

Forward Compatability

The Meridian is the best decision for today and tomorrow. The modular design future-proofs your investment by allowing all future sensor technologies from Scott to easily integrate to your Truly Universal solution.

  • Flexibly supports all industry standard communication protocols
  • Seamlessly incorporates new communication protocols
  • Supported by the Scott Global Service network and Scott Plus warranty system
  • Reduce cost, waste and environmental impact with environment-friendly sensor design
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Meridian Universal Gas Detector Fixed Gas Detection           A Truly Universal Solution

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